Can I Play .WAV files in Multisim

Updated Jan 25, 2018

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I need to be able to import .WAV files for the purpose of testing audio circuits but cannot find any built-in Multisim functionality for this


Built into Multisim is a microphone component but this requires the connection of a real microphone to your computer and will record the signal it receives. There are no native options for importing a WAV file and using the signal within Multisim. 

One option that has been used to achieve this is a virtual audio cable. This is a Windows driver that allows the transfer of audio streams from one application to another. This would allow you to use a program for reading the file and transfer this into Multisim. However this requires the installation and parallel running of a third party utility. (see Discussion Forums link)

A preferred method for achieving this is in the creation of a custom instrument to handle the file. A good example of a LabVIEW custom instrument for the import of a WAV file has been posted on the NI Community.



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