Archived:Accessing Advanced Settings for RS-485 Serial Boards

Updated Feb 8, 2018

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I have an RS-485 serial board and I cannot configure the 4-wire and 2-wire modes. I cannot access the Advanced Settings from Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) or from the hardware properties in Windows Device Manager. How can I access the Advanced Settings for my hardware?


Windows XP:

Check your Windows XP Service Pack release. In order to access the Advanced Settings for NI-Serial boards, you need Service Pack 2 or later and NI-Serial installed. In order to update your operating system, open Microsoft Internet Explorer and select Tools»Windows Update. Once you update the operating system, install your National Instruments software and device drivers. 

After the installation, you should see the Advanced button within Port Settings in Windows Device Manager port properties or in the Advanced tab in MAX under Devices and Interfaces»Serial & Parallel»COMx, where "COMx" if your RS-485 port.

Windows Vista / 7 / 10:

In Windows Vista and later the User Account Control (UAC) can prevent you from seeing the Advanced Settings if you do not have Administrator permission.  Either log into the systems Administrator account or run MAX with Administrator permissions by right-clicking the MAX icon and selecting the Run as administrator option.


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