Can I Add NI-ELVISmx Instruments to Multisim Professional?

Updated Feb 12, 2018

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  • Multisim 11.0 Full

Issue Details

I would like to add NI-ELVISmx instruments to Multisim Professional. How can I do this?
With these instruments can I acquire real world signals and compare them to Multisim simulation results. 


With the release of Multisim 11.0, the same NI ELVIS instruments that can be accessed in Multisim Education and Student editions can also be activated in the Professional editions (Power Pro and Full).

In order to activate these devices, install the most current NI-ELVISmx driver software. The ELVISmx instruments will be activated in Multisim, and available in the Instruments toolbar.

You can also access the same instruments under the Simulate»Instruments»NI-ELVISmx Instruments menu.

Additional Information

Please Note: The Base edition of our professional offering does not supports NI-ELVISmx instrument.