Change the Order of Elements in a Cluster

Updated Aug 25, 2023



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I've just created a cluster with multiple elements. I want to change the order in which they appear in the Bundle function. How do I move the position of the elements?

Follow the steps below which use the image below as an example:

  1. Right click on the border of the cluster and select Reorder Controls In Cluster.
  1. Change the number at the top of the screen to the desired position of the element of interest. In this example elements 0 and 3 are swapped.
  1. Select the number in the black box in the lower right hand corner of the element of interest. The number in the black box represents the current location of the element.
  1. ​Notice this number changes to the desired number and the white box now displays the old position number. Also notice that the other elements adjust their numbered position in accordance with the new order. To keep the changes, select the check mark. To cancel the changes, select X.
  2. Now notice the position of elements 0 and 3 of the bundle.