Archived:TWAIN Protocol Support for National Instruments Vision Products

Updated Jan 12, 2018

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Do National Instruments Vision hardware or software products support the TWAIN protocol?


The NI Vision software can work with TWAIN devices.

To enable this you need to create your own call to the TWAIN API to acquire your images.

As an alternative to writing your own interface to the TWAIN API, consider Graftek Imaging. Graftek Imaging is a company that offers LabVIEW TWAIN drivers for use with NI Vision software.

Additional Information

TWAIN is an industry-standard, raster-image acquisition protocol for Windows®- and Macintosh®-based systems. With TWAIN, images can be acquired from any device having TWAIN source software (e.g., scanners and digital cameras) using any application that supports the TWAIN protocol.

National Instruments does not provide a set of TWAIN drivers for use with our image acquisition hardware; however, you can use a programming language like C to call functions from the TWAIN API (available from and acquire images from a TWAIN-compliant device. You would need to use a function that returns an array of image data, which could be used with the ArraytoImage() function to convert it to an image that can be used with the Vision Development Module functions. The same is true in LabVIEW, if the C calls are put into DLL (dynamic link library) form.


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