Standby and Hibernate Modes on PXI and PXI Express Controllers

Updated Jan 9, 2018

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Do National Instruments PXI and PXI Express Controllers Support Standby (Sleep) or Hibernate modes?


PXI Controllers

National Instruments PXI controllers do not support hibernation or sleep due to the "hard" power switch dictacted by the PXI specification.  Power on a PXI chassis is always on and the controller is incapable of turning it off.  The Intel and AMD chipsets and processors used in PXI controllers support both hibernation and sleep, however, they cannot be utilized because of the hard power switch. 

PXI Express Controllers

PXI Express ( PXIe ) allows for a "soft" power switch, allowing the controller to support modern features that post date the original PXI specification like auto shutdown (PXI chassis powers off without flipping a power switch) and hibernation.  

However, standby requires a special power supply feature to keep the RAM on while turning the rest of the system off.  NI PXI controllers do not have that feature.  

On the other hand, both PXI and PXI Express controllers support turning off the hard drive through Power Options in Windows.  Additionally, the monitor can be turned off as well through power states.


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