PXI(e) Controller and Chassis Compatibility

Updated Jul 31, 2020

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Issue Details

  • Will my NI PXI Express (PXIe) controller work with any PXIe chassis?
  • Will my NI PXI controller work with any PXI chassis?
  • Can I use a PXIe controller on a PXI chassis or vice versa?


PXIe - PXIe: Any NI PXIe controller (including remote, embedded, and rackmount) is compatible with any NI PXIe chassis.  

PXI - PXI: All NI PXI controllers are compatible with all NI PXI chassis, although bandwidth limitations of older controllers should be taken into account. The maximum bandwidth for PXI chassis is 132MB/s. If more bandwidth is needed, consider upgrading to PXIe.

PXIe - PXI: PXIe and PXI use different bus architectures. A PXIe controller will not fit into a PXI chassis nor will a PXI controller fit into a PXIe chassis. If you have the wrong chassis/controller combination then the chassis will not power on. 
Note: This does not necessarily apply PXI peripheral modules. Most NI PXI modules are hybrid-slot compatible PXI-1 cards and are designed to work in the hybrid slots of a PXIe chassis. Consult your peripheral module's product manual to confirm if it is hybrid-slot compatible.

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