MXI Express for PXI Express Internal Link Lights

Updated Jan 9, 2018

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  • PXIe-8360
  • PXIe-8370
  • PXI-8360
  • MXI-Express Cable

Issue Details

I would like to have an indication of whether my PXIe boards are linking to the host MXI Express for PXI Express board. Are there any indicators?


The MXI Express for PXI Express boards have internal LEDs that are visible from the left side of the board. If you remove the filler panels to the left of your MXI Express board, you will notice a vertical column of 16 LEDs near the front connector, depending on the PXIe board in use. For the PXIe-8360 and PXIe-8370 boards each group of four LEDs corresponds to one of the four PCI Express links to the backplane. 

What about PXI devices? 
If you are using the PXIe-1062 chassis, you will notice that the last group of LEDs has an LED (PORT 3) illuminated even if no boards are populated in the slots. Since the PXIe-1062 uses the last link for a PCIe to PCI bridge for PXI communication, this link should always be active. Different chassis topologies will give different default behaviors. Contact your chassis' manufacturer for more information on your chassis' topology.

Additional Information

Note: If you are using a chassis that directly links the PXI Express board (such as the PXIe-1062) the LEDs to that slot will not illuminate until you have a PXI Express board installed and linked. 


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