Can I Use my PXI Express x4 module in a PXI Express x1 Slot?

Updated Apr 26, 2022

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  • PXI Chassis

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I have a PXI Express x4 module that I would like to use in my PXI chassis. However, I do not have any PXIe x4 slots in the chassis. Will I be able to use my PXIe x1 slots and, if so, are there any issues to consider? 


Yes, you will be able to use the PXIe x4 module in a PXIe x1 slot. It is important to consider that you will severely limit the throughput and performance of the PXI Express x4 module if used in a PXI Express x1 slot. This is because a conversion will take place at the PXI Express switch, and will reduce the maximum throughput of the PXIe x4 module. Because of this, the module will be operating at less than x1 speeds (<250 MB/s).

Depending on the switches on the PXIe chassis and how bandwidth is distributed, other modules in the chassis and the amount of bandwidth used by them may affect the bandwidth available to your PXIe x4 module.