Error 1073807343 with VISA Open in Tektronix Instrument Driver

Updated Jun 4, 2024

Reported In


  • Tektronix TKTXX Multi-Environment IVI

Issue Details

The VIs from the TKTDS4xx.llbdownloaded from the NI Instrument Driver Network (IDNet) are giving me VISA errors such as Error -1073807343 when I try to run them, indicating insufficient resources. I find that the error occurs with any VISA Open, Write, or Read. Visa Interactive Control (VISAIC) seems to work fine.


Your problem may be that you have installed a Tektronix software application called Wavestar, which installs a VISA driver that is not compatible with LabVIEW and LabWindows/CVI. To correct the problem, install the latest version of NI-VISA for your operating system. You can find a link to the NI-VISA download page at the end of this document. The Wavestar software will work with NI-VISA, and Tektronix has fixed the problem so that this problem will no longer occur with future versions of Wavestar.