LabVIEW IMAQ Examples Ask Me to Find WindDraw and WindClose

Updated Jan 10, 2018

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Why Do Some of the LabVIEW IMAQ Examples Ask Me to Find WindDraw and WindClose?


WindDraw will display an image in a popup window. WindClose will close this window. In LabVIEW 5, using these functions was a common way of displaying images. The reason WindDraw and WindClose cannot be found is they are part of IMAQ Vision (software that allows you to do processing, analysis, and inspection of images). If you do not have IMAQ Vision installed, LabVIEW will not be able to find these functions. In LabVIEW 6 and later, images are typically displayed using the Image Display indicator. This indicator does not require or use the WinDraw functions.

In general, VIs that are utilizing IMAQ Vision will look for many VIs in addition to WindDraw and WindClose. If this is the case, Vision will be needed. If the only missing VIs are WindDraw and WindClose, the example is probably outdated, but you will be able to use this example. Once the VI opens, you will need to delete and In order to display the image, the Image Display indicator should be placed were WindDraw was. After some rewiring, the VI should run almost identical to the original.


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