My IMAQ Image Displayed in a Picture Control Flickers

Updated Jul 2, 2018

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  • LabVIEW Full



Issue Details

When I display my image in a picture control continuously using an IMAQ Grab, my picture control flickers.  How can I prevent this?


Picture controls erase the previous image in the display each time it is updated. The result is a white frame between each image. To correct this behavior, use a property node and set the Erase First property to Do not Erase (a value of 0). This should give a smooth display.

If you have LabVIEW 7.0 or later, then you should be using the native Image Display control, which allows you to efficiently display an acquired image in LabVIEW.

If that does not resolve the flickering, check if the data being collected is uncorrupted by saving the images to disk. If some of the images are black, ensure that your network utilization isn't 100% in Windows Task Manager. If utilization is high, try updating your network driver or reducing your resolution.