Archived:Why Do I Get a FLEXlm License Finder Error with VideoMASTER?

Updated May 27, 2024

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Issue Details

When I try to run my VideoMASTER application or my VideoMASTER sequence in TestStand, I get the following FLEXlm error:

Your application was not able to obtain a license because the FLEXnet license server manager could not determine where to find the licensing data it needs.
Why do I get this error?


This error is the result of a missing license file on the host system when trying to run the (legacy) VideoMASTER software. 

When you purchase a VideoMASTER hardware and software package, National Instruments sends one or more license files to you directly via email. Each license file is associated with a corresponding piece of NI hardware. This association is indicated by the name of the .lic file, which includes the hardware serial number as part of the name.

These license files should be copied to the C:\Program Files\microLEX Systems\License Files folder on the host computer after installing the software. If these license files are not present, you will get the error above and will not be able to run the VideoMASTER software. 

If you have a license file in the correct location, make sure the serial number indicated by the file name matches the hardware you are using on the system. Make sure the license file is not an evaluation license that has expired. 

If you did not receive the appropriate license file via email or need to recover a lost license file, you can email the serial number of your NI hardware to to request a new license file. 

Additional Information

Note: This only applies to legacy versions of the VideoMASTER software, as well as AudioMASTER 6.2 and earlier, Analog Video Generator 3.0 and earlier, and Digital Video Generator 1.0. VideoMASTER was renamed to NI Video Measurement Suite (VMS) in version 3.1, and VMS 3.1 and later use the standard NI licensing system. If you are not using a legacy VideoMASTER system, you should not get this error and do not need to email to retrieve a license file. Instead, you can use your software serial number to activate the software through the NI License Manager.