Getting Started with Ethernet RIO Expansion Chassis

Updated May 3, 2018

Reported In


  • NI-9149
  • NI-9146
  • NI-9147
  • NI-9148

Issue Details

I have received my new Ethernet RIO expansion chassis and I am struggling to connecting it and getting started. There is an Ethernet and a USB port on my new chassis and I would like to know how I can connect it to my cRIO.


  • The USB port on the Ethernet RIO can be used for easy configuration of the device from your Host PC and to install software on it. During operation we recommend using the Ethernet port.
  • Follow the steps of the tutorial to setup your Ethernet RIO and get the first measurements
  • You can use the Ethernet RIO expansion chassis with a cRIO either by connecting both devices to the same network using a switch or connecting the chassis to the second port of the cRIO following this tutorial.


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