Mating Connector for NI 9697 50 Pin IDC Connector

Updated Apr 24, 2023

Reported In


  • sbRIO-9697
  • sbRIO-9637

Issue Details

I cannot find the corresponding mating connector for the 50 Pin IDC Connector on my NI 9697 Mezzanine card. Which mating connector is recommended by National Instruments?


The recommended mating connector for this is the same as for the IDC Connector on the NI sbRIO-9637. National Instruments recommends using the Tyco product number, 2-111623-6. This can be found in theĀ NI sbRIO Connector Descriptions (page 18) section of NI sbRIO 9637 manual. The below image shows the excerpt of the manual.

Additional Information

You can order a mating connector for the RMC connector from Tyco the connector manufacturer, or from a distributor such as Arrow or Avnet.