Display Multiple Arrays of Data on Waveform Graph Using Build Waveform VI

Updated Jun 19, 2023

Reported In


  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

When I wire in more than one array of data values to the Build Waveform VI, only the last array of data is displayed when the new array is wired to a graph or chart. I can physically expand the Build Waveform VI to accept more than one Y input, but the output cluster still contains just 1 array of values for Y. 


The Build Waveform VI simply creates a cluster datatype that consists of three elements: t0, dt, and Y. The Y datatype is a 1-D array of numerics. 
  • In order to display multiple values of Y, use a separate Build Waveform VI for each array of data.
    • If you would like them all to have the same X-axis, wire the output of the first Build Waveform VI to the waveform input of the other Build Waveform VIs.
  • Wire the outputs of each Build Waveform VI into a Build Array VI.
  • The array of clusters from the output of the Build Array VI can be directly wired into a waveform graph.