Switch Between Booting LabVIEW RT or Windows on PXI

Updated Nov 26, 2018

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  • PXI Controller


  • LabVIEW Real-Time Module

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My PXI controller is capable of booting LabVIEW RT or Windows/Other OS. How can I choose which OS to boot?

I need the extra determinism and processing benefits from Real-Time on my Windows PXI Controller. Can I convert from Windows to Real-Time?


There are two different ways you can choose which OS to boot into: 
  • Setting the RT Boot Options in the BIOS through the LabVIEW RT Setup Menu
    • If your controller's Boot Configuration is set to Use Switch Setting, then the position of the configuration switch will determine the boot mode of the controller.
    • Setting the Boot Configuration to LabVIEW RT will cause the controller to boot into safe mode regardless of the switch's position
  • Using the LabVIEW RT Configuration Switches located on the PXI Controller
    • This will only work if your controller's Boot Configuration is set to Use Switch Setting.
These options are further outlined in each controller's user manual located at http://www.ni.com/manuals.

If you are using the PXI-817x or older controller, please refer to "How Can I Switch Between RT and Windows on Older PXI Controllers (817x and Prior)?". This document describes the process of creating a boot floppy to boot LabVIEW RT safe mode. 

    Additional Information

    The following controllers have the RT safe mode image built into the BIOS and do not require a separate boot disk for setup and configuration:
    • PXI-8101
    • PXI-8102
    • PXI-8108
    • PXI-8109
    • PXI-8110
    • PXI-8115
    • PXI-8119
    • PXI-8184
    • PXI-8185
    • PXI-8186
    • PXI-8187
    • PXI-8195
    • PXI-8196
    • PXI-8820
    • PXI-8840
    • PXIe-8100
    • PXIe-8101
    • PXIe-8102
    • PXIe-8108
    • PXIe-8115
    • PXIe-8135
    • PXIe-8820
    • PXIe-8840
    Note: In order to install LabVIEW Real-Time onto a PXI Controller preloaded with Microsoft Windows, you need to purchase the LabVIEW Real-Time Deployment License for NI PXI Controllers.


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