Can I Install LabVIEW Without A Direct Internet Connection or DVD Drive?

Updated Jul 1, 2022



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  • I want to install LabVIEW on my system using the LabVIEW platform DVDs, but I have a system without a working DVD drive, such as a PXI controller. Can I still install LabVIEW on my system?
  • I want to install LabVIEW on a computer that cannot connect to the internet, and I cannot transfer files downloaded from the internet via other means. How do I install LabVIEW?

There are several installation options available for both scenarios:
  • Use a USB DVD drive to view the files and install from the DVD through the USB port
  • Use a USB installer
  • Load the installers onto a USB stick and install directly from the stick as is outlined in the steps below. Keep in mind that the installation files can be quite large, so make sure that the memory stick has enough free space to hold all of the files. Note: The process below was developed using the LabVIEW 8.6.1 platform DVDs. Other versions of the LabVIEW platform DVDs will have similar steps.
    1. From a computer that has a DVD drive, create folders in the USB drive named LVDVD1, LVDVD2, and DriverDVD
    2. Copy the contents of the three installation disks into the appropriate folders on the USB stick
    3. Safely remove the USB stick and insert it in the system without a DVD drive
    4. Run the file setup.exe directly from LVDVD1 in the USB drive
    5. The installation should run as a single process with no prompting for disks
  • Download and install the LabVIEW software platform from the LabVIEW Download page. You should use this option if the physical DVDs are not available.

Additional Information

Note: If you do not have the physical CDs and cannot transfer files downloaded from the computer contact your NI account manager about receiving physical media.