Selectively Load Data from TDM(S) File to DIAdem

Updated Jan 9, 2019

Reported In


  • DIAdem 2017 Media
  • DIAdem 2015 Media

Issue Details

When I load a file to the Data Portal Internal Data, DIAdem loads all channel groups in the file. I only want to load a specific channel or channel group from the file. How can I only load the channel or channel group that I want without other channels or channel groups that I’m not using?


The best way to load selective data is to add a DataFinder Search Area for the folder containing the data. This will index the TDM file in the background. You can then expand TDM files and load only the desired channels or channel groups. See Defining Search Areas - DIAdem Help for help on adding search areas to DIAdem DataFinder.

Alternatively, you can load selective data from TDM files from computer locations without adding a DataFinder Search Area. This is helpful for singular TDM files that need to be loaded from other locations.
  1. From the DIAdem NAVIGATOR pane, select to File >> Open…
  1. ​Select the file or files containing the selected channels or channel groups you want to load that you want to load.
  1. Click the drop down menu next to Load and select Open Selectively…
  1. Select the channels or channel groups you want to load from the main file. Then click Load.
  1. The selected channel groups will load into the Data Portal.


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