Custom Install Options and Silent Installs from NI Installation Media

Updated Jan 9, 2019

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How can I create a custom install option, including silent installs, from the National Instruments Driver DVD?


The National Instruments Driver DVD contains a command line switch that allows you to create a custom spec file which you can then use to guide the installation process.  It is necessary to create a spec file rather than try to install MSI files manually because many drivers have several dependencies.

To run the spec file generation word, type the following in a command prompt: 
[path to setup.exe] /generatespecfile [path to spec file destination] 

This wizard generates a spec file as a text file, so you can save it as an applicable text format, like .txt or .ini. Keep in mind that while running the spec file generation wizard, you are not actually installing anything, even though the wizard looks similar to the installation wizard.

To run the installer with the spec file, open the command prompt, and call the following: 
[path to setup.exe] [path to spec file] /q /AcceptLicenses yes 
  • The /q switch will force a silent installation. Alternatively, you can use /qb which will run a quiet installation with a basic UI.
  • The /AcceptLicenses switch will automatically accept all license agreements for you.


Additional Information

National Instruments software released after August 2012 may require the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0.  If required, the NI Installer installs the .NET Framework 4.0, but you must reboot your computer before continuing to install NI software.

For silent, large-scale distribution of software, NI recommends installing the .NET Framework 4.0 separately before attempting to install NI software. If you attempt to install NI software silently on computers that do not have the .NET Framework 4.0 installed, you will get one of the following return codes:
  • -11641: This code is returned if the .NET Framework 4.0 pre-installation is successful, a reboot is required, and the reboot has been initiated.  No NI software is installed.
  • -13010: This code is returned if the .NET Framework 4.0 pre-installation is successful and a reboot is required but is suppressed. The installer simply exited. No NI software is installed. If you attempt to run the installer again with rebooting, you will see the errors discussed in Error 1935 When Installing NI Software.
  • -11603: This code is returned if there is an error with the .NET Framework 4.0 pre-installation. The installer exited, and no NI software is installed.
See Prompt to Install the .NET Framework Before Installing NI Software for more information on the .NET framework.


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