Terminal Block or Front-Panel Connector for PXI-2564

Updated Dec 18, 2023

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  • PXI-2564
  • 37-Pin D-sub

Issue Details

Where can I find a terminal block or connector for the PXI-2564 to interface with the recommended 37-pin female-female DSUB cable?


National Instruments does not sell a terminal block for this device. The only available connectivity accessory for the PXI-2564 is a 37-Pin Female to Female D-Sub designed for custom connectivity. You can find details about accessory compatibility for the PXI-2564 and other switch devices in General Purpose Relay and Relay Driver Switch Modules: Switches Cable and Accessory Compatibility and Main Page: NI Switches Cable and Accessory Compatibility.

If you need to interface with this hardware, we recommend either purchasing a third-party mating front-panel connector or creating a custom one to match your application needs, as noted in the specifications for the device. You can consult this document to find several recommended connectors that would interface with the PXIe 2564, as well as many other switch devices.