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My InsightCM™ CMS or MMS Device Is Not Online

Updated Oct 23, 2018

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  • NI InsightCM

Issue Details

My InsightCM™ CMS or MMS device is not online. How can I bring the device online?


For steps to bring a CMS or MMS device online, please refer to Troubleshooting Devices That Do Not Come Online

Additional Information

A CMS or MMS device can fail to come online for several reasons, such as network configuration issues, application image issues, or failure of the device to authenticate itself with the server.

The following conditions must be met for a device to come online:

  • Server must be able to resolve the device’s IP address
  • Device must able to resolve the server's IP address
  • Device must be running the correct InsightCM application image
  • Device must have server connection information
  • Device must have valid hardware and data configuration


The device must go through the following steps to successfully transition to an online state:

I. The server must be able to resolve the device’s IP address. If the IP address is not visible to the server, then network configuration changes must be made to the network or the device’s IP address must be changed.


II. The device must be running the InsightCM application. If the device is not running the application, the user can image the device from the server or use the Replication and Deployment Utility.


III. Once the device is running the InsightCM application image, the CMS device must pass several authentication and validation steps. The server sends connection information to the device, which includes the server’s IP address and TCP port number. The device and server then perform a handshake to authorize the device. After the device has received authorization, the server then checks for configuration files on the device, which give application image and hardware configuration. The user then configures the device and saves the configuration.


IV. Once the device configurations are saved, the server sends the updated configuration files to the CMS devices, which causes the device to reset. For a detailed description of the connection process, see What is the Connection Process Between the InsightCM Server and CMS Device?