Motor Data Features as Zero Values in NI InsightCM™ 2.0 With MMS-9065 or MMS-9068

Updated Jan 9, 2018

Reported In


  • NI InsightCM
  • NI InsightCM 2.0

Issue Details

  • My MMS-9065 or MMS-9068 device is reporting motor data features as 0 and new data values are not being collected.
  • The Test Panel in the InsightCM System Manager website does not show information of the Motor Channel Status.
  • I have correctly configured the motor data groups and confirmed that all sensors are correctly wired to the MMS device.


MMS-9065 and MMS-9068 devices with specific numbers of motor data groups and Acquisition Block Length settings can report all data features as 0 values and not send up to date data to the server. This is due to an issue with the MMS-9065 and MMS-9068 application image.



Normally, when the value of motor current is in range of the minimum and maximum working current, motor data features will return correct feature values. When the value of motor current is out of range, most of the motor features will return 0 values while the Rotor Bar Sideband feature will return -100 dB. Due to an issue with the application image, the MMS devices will return out of range data for valid data when configured with specific numbers of motor data groups and Acquisition Block Length settings. For the MMS-9068, see the below table for the combination motor data groups that return out of range data.

Motor Data Groups with Out of Range Data
Number of MotorsNormal Data GroupsOut of Range Data Groups

To correct this behavior, you can deploy an updated version of the MMS-9065 or MMS-9068 application image, with the below steps.

  1. Download the updated InsightCM application image for the MMS-9065 or MMS-9068, version or higher.
  2. In a web browser, launch NI InsightCM Systems Manager by navigating to the following URL that is appropriate for the computer you are using:
    1. On the server machine, http://localhost:81.
    2. On any other computer or device on the same network as the server machine, http://serverIpAddress:81 or http://serverDNSHostname:81.
  3. Upload new application to NI InsightCM Server:
    1. Log in with the username and password for a user who receives the following Systems Manager permissions: nisms_edit, nisms_show.
    2. Click the Package Management navigation button on the left side of the page.
    3. Click the Upload button and navigate to the .lvappimg files listed in the previous section. Click Open to begin the upload. You can click the Browse button to upload more firmware, or click the Close button to close the dialog box.
  4. To update the firmware on devices, browse to the Devices page»Software tab in Systems Manager. Select one or more devices and click the Update Application button.


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