Export TDMS Data for an Asset in NI InsightCM™ Using the Console

Updated Oct 9, 2018

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I am using NI InsightCM™ and want to use the command prompt to export TDMS data for specific assets so that I don't have to manually download via the web interface. How is this done?


InsightCM 3.1 and later allows users to export TDMS data with the InsightCM Console Application. Users can export and then analyze data in another application or share data with equipment manufacturers or non-InsightCM users. 

Follow the steps below to export TDMS data for an asset: 
  1. Open the command prompt and change the directory to the NI InsightCM Server installation folder by typing cd <InstallDrive>:\Program Files\National Instruments\InsightCM Server 3.0 and press <Enter>.
  1. Enter one of the following commands, depending on the version of InsightCM you're using:
    • InsightCM 3.1 and 3.2: InsightCMConsole exporttdms -dir [directory] -asset [asset path] (optional -dt [start date yyyy-mm-dd]).
For example: InsightCMConsole exporttdms -dir C:\temp -asset "Company|Plant|Turbines|01|Turbine Generator HP|Brg 1" -dt 2018-09-20
  • InsightCM 3.3: InsightCMConsole exporttdms -dir [directory] -asset [asset path] -start [start date yyyy-mm-dd] -end [end date yyyy--mm-dd]

For example: InsightCMConsole exporttdms -dir C:\temp -asset "Company|Plant|Turbines|01|Turbine Generator HP|Brg 1" -start 2018-09-20 -stop 2018-09-27

  1. The exported TDMS data can then be found in the directory you specified.



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