C/C++ The Reference Component NationalInstruments.NI4882 Cannot Be Found

Updated Apr 18, 2023

Reported In


  • NI-488.2

Operating System

  • Windows

Issue Details

I am trying to use the NI GPIB/488.2 API for Microsoft Studio Visual C/C++. I receive the following error: the reference component NationalInstruments.NI4882 cannot be found. How can I fix this?


For development of GPIB programs in Microsoft Studio Visual C/C++, you must include the ni488.h file. Previously, the decl-32.h file provided this information to C compilers. Current driver versions still include a stub decl-32.h that references ni488.h. These files will be located in one of three places, depending on the version of your drivers:
  • NI-488.2 drivers prior to version 2.5 installed the files in the following directory: Program Files\National Instruments\NI-488.2\Languages\Microsoft C
  • NI-488.2 drivers between versions 2.5 and 2.7.2 (post Vista support) install the files in the following directory:  \Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\National Instruments\NI-488.2\Languages\Microsoft C 
  • NI-488.2 drivers 2.7.2 and later install the files in the following directory: Program Files\National Instruments\Shared\ExternalCompilerSupport\C\include

The file is installed in the directory by the NI-488.2 setup program when you install the Application Support - Microsoft C/C++ Support. If you cannot find the files, rerun the setup and verify that the correct features are installed. The feature has to be selected from the install screen on the GPIB installer file. See the following screenshot. The NI-488.2 driver can be downloaded from the NI download page.