Why Is the Input from My NI 5752 Inverted?

Updated Jan 10, 2018

Reported In


  • NI-5752


  • FlexRIO

Issue Details

When I read data from my NI 5752 the data is inverted. Is this expected, and how do I fix it?


This issue was solved in NI FlexRIO 16.0.

The NI 5752 is based on the TI AFE5801, which utilizes an inverting differential amplifier. In previous versions of the driver, the CLIP outputs the inverted signal to LabVIEW. To correct this behavior, update your NI FlexRIO installation to version 16.0 or later.

If you are forced to use a version of NI FlexRIO previous to 16.0 (e.g. because of NI FlexRIO and LabVIEW compatibility), run a binary inversion on the CLIP output to correct the inversion.

Alternatively, you can use the MultiRecordDigitalTrigger example located in <LabVIEW>\examples\FlexRIO\IO Modules\NI 5752\MultiRecordDigitalTrigger.


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