Unable to Update Firmware of NI Linux Real-Time Device

Updated Jan 9, 2019

Reported In


  • myRIO-1950
  • cRIO-9036

Issue Details

I'm using an NI Linux Real-Time device and I get message saying that I need to update the firmware of the device, but I can't find the files for the update as described in Upgrading Firmware on Linux Real-Time Device. How can I update the firmware of my device?


Update the version of your NI-RIO drivers to a version that is at least compatible with the latest version of LabVIEW you have installed. After you have updated the driver version follow the steps on Upgrading Firmware on Linux Real-Time Device.

Additional Information

Firmware updates for NI devices are distributed with the device drivers, if there's an update needed and the appropriate file is not found, updating the driver will install the needed firmware file. 


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