Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Support for NI Controllers

Updated Jan 18, 2023

Reported In


  • PXI Controller
  • External Controller for PXI
  • PXIe-8880
  • RMC-8356
  • RMC-8357
  • PXIe-8861
  • cRIO-9048


Trusted Platform Module 1.2
Trusted Platform Module 2.0

Issue Details

I need a controller that supports Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 1.2 or 2.0. What options does NI provide?


NI provides the following options for TPM support:
  • PXI
    • TPM is not supported on any PXI controllers.
  • PXIe
    • The PXIe-8880 supports TPM 1.2.
    • The PXIe-8861 supports TPM 2.0. 
    • The PXIe-8881 supports TPM 2.0. 
  • Rack Mounted Systems
    • The RMC-8357 has the ability to support TPM 1.2.
    • The RMC-8356 is the only rack-mounted controller that has the ability to support both TPM 1.2 and TPM 2.0.
  • cRIO
    • CRIO-9048
      • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This a variant model from the standard cRIO-9048, it has a different Part Number
      • PN: 785619-03
      • Supports TPM 2.0
In order to enable TPM support, you will need to use a TPM chip. NI does not currently provide or sell TPM 1.2 or 2.0 chips or modules.