Error 1920 When Attempting to Install LabWindows™/CVI™ for Evaluation

Updated Jan 9, 2019

Reported In


  • LabWindows/CVI Base
  • LabWindows/CVI Full

Issue Details

I have downloaded a copy of LabWindows™/CVI for evaluation and have attempted to install it. About half way through the installation I see the error message below.

Error 1920, Service "Lookout Citadel Server" failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services.

I am the administrator on this computer so I am sure that I have sufficient privileges.  How can I get this application to install without errors?


There are several potential solutions to this issue, which are discussed below:
  • Run the installation as Administrator.
  • If installing from the DVD, copy the contents of the DVD to the hard drive.
  • Download and install from the website.

Additional Information

Run as Administrator 
Microsoft Windows includes User Account Control settings that specify the privileges applications have when run by particular users. If User Account Control settings are enabled for a particular user, then that user will typically be prompted when running an installer to decide whether or not they would like to run the installer as an administrator. 

LabWindows/CVI does not include instructions in the installer to elevate the installer to have administrator privileges. If these instructions were in the installer, the installer would prompt the user for administrator privileges before running. Instead, the installer runs without administrator privileges, which are required to edit the registry and perform various other tasks. 

An installer with administrator privileges will add registry entries that contain paths to the libraries necessary for your application to run properly. If the registry entries are not added, your application will not be able to locate all of its dependent libraries. The application may still run, but could experience various problems. 

This means that sometimes even if the account is set as the administrator, it might be necessary to right-click the setup.exe file and select Run as Administrator as shown below:
This will prompt you for a password if one has been established for the administrator account, but should allow the installation to complete successfully.

Download from NI
If you are installing from LabWindows/CVI from the DVD, please try download the LabWindows/CVI from online here: Download NI LabWindows/CVI Free Trial. You can activate the free trial using your Serial Number.

Copy Installer to Hard Drive
If you are installing LabWindows/CVI from the DVD, please try copying all the installer contents to your computer. Please run setup.exe from the hard drive as an Administrator, as the first solution recommends.