How Can I Setup FileZilla to Act as an FTP Server on my PC?

Updated Dec 18, 2023



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I would like to setup FileZilla to act as an FTP server on my PC. Usually an FTP server is used to transfer files from a real-time (RT) controller to the host PC, for example using the FTP Put File VI. What steps should I follow to configure the FileZilla server?

  1. Download FileZilla and install FileZilla Server on the host PC. Usually you don't need to modify the default options.
  1. Now you should be able to automatically connect to the server. If so, you should see the following screen:
  1. If you cannot automatically connect to the server, select File»Connect to server from the menu bar.
  2. Navigate to Edit»User to open the Settings window. In the Page menu choose General and add a new User by pressing the Add button:
  1. In the Page menu choose Shared folders and add the folder in which you want the transferred file to be saved.
  1. Now that you have configured the FileZilla server you can use the FTP Put  to transfer the file.
  1. If the file was successfully transferred you should see the following screen in FileZilla.