My NI TSM-101x Calibration Keeps Resetting

Updated Apr 5, 2023

Reported In


  • TSM-1012
  • TSM-1015
  • TSM-1017

Issue Details

My NI Touch Screen Monitor, which has a model number of the form TSM-101x, loses its calibration settings whenever it reboots or the USB is unplugged.
It can also happen seemingly at random. 

How can I preserve my calibration settings?


  • If the calibration settings are dropping randomly, try swapping the video and USB cables.
  • For the other scenarios or if swapping cables doesn't help, manually create and edit the calibration file.
    1. Format your embedded unit through MAX and install software on the unit.
    2. Enable Embedded UI and Secure Shell Server in MAX.
    3. Download a terminal emulator, such as PuTTY.
    4. Run PuTTY with an SSH connection type and enter in the IP address of your embedded unit.
    5. Log in to the embedded unit as admin with a blank password (or whatever password you have set for it).
    6. Type the following command (some commands are case sensitive):
      • vi /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/99-calibration.conf 
    7. Type i.
    8. Type the following series of lines in the editor:
      • Section <tab>"InputClass"  
      • Identifier <tab> "calibration"  
      • MatchProduct <tab> "DIALOGUE INC PenMount USB"  
      • Option <tab> "Calibration" <tab> "90 936 75 929"  
      • Option <tab> "SwapAxes" <tab> "0"  
      • EndSection  
        • <tab> indicates the space between words created by pressing the Tab key on your keyboard.
        • You may need to experiment with the four calibration numbers in the fourth line above in order to achieve the accuracy you desire.
    9. Press Esc.
    10. Type :x and then press Enter.
    11. Restart your target and ignore the calibration window that appears.
After performing these steps, calibrations should then persist between reboots and USB disconnects. 

Additional Information

If a connection is loose in a cable, it could be intermittently disconnecting the TSM.

If after following these steps, the displays continuously outputs Unable to Open X Display, format the Real-Time target and reinstall software . The calibration values you entered may be too far out of range to properly calibrate. You can attempt to calibrate locally , which will also generate the 99-calibration.conf file.