Select Camera from VBAI Toolkit in LabVIEW for Inspection

Updated Jan 3, 2018

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  • Vision Builder for Automated Inspection
  • LabVIEW Full

Issue Details

I have multiple cameras connected to my computer that I want to be able to acquire from. In LabVIEW, I want to be able to use the VBAI (Vision Builder for Automated Inspection) toolkit to load an inspection and send a camera reference into it so that I can choose which camera to acquire from. I want to choose the appropriate camera to acquire a picture from inside LabVIEW.


There currently is no way to have a single Acquisition step in VBAI change which camera it is acquiring from. The alternative options are: 
  1. Two Different Acquisition States In VBAI:
    • Have two acquisition steps in the VBAI inspection in different states (1 state for each camera)
    • Use a variable to determine which transition to use which will point to the desired state and camera acquisition step.
    • In your LabVIEW code, set the value of the variable to determine which camera should be selected. Then use the VI in LabVIEW to run the inspection and return results from that camera.
  1. Acquire Images In LabVIEW:
    • Do not have any acquisition steps in VBAI, but create an image variable. Use a Select Image step to start processing the image variable.
    • In LabVIEW, acquire from the desired camera, then set the acquired image to VBAI's image variable, and run the inspection.

Additional Information

The first option will make it easier to interact and debug your inspection within VBAI since you can easily acquire new images within VBAI.


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