Error -41106 When Deploying my LabVIEW Code Using Report Generation Toolkit

Updated Sep 27, 2023

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Issue Details

  • Why do I get error -41106 when deploying my LabVIEW code?
  • My LabVIEW executable with Report Generation Toolkit does not work on my deployment computer. While the code executes, I continue to receive the Error -41106 message and no report is generated. Why is this happening?


When deploying RGT code error 41106 is commonly seen when the version of Office on the development machine doesn’t match the version of the deployment machine. To resolve this issue either: install the same version of both machines or use the correct VIs. 

Prior to RGT 1.1.3: 

For example, in RGT 1.1.2 toolkit includes Compatibility VIs for Office 2000, 2003, 2007 and XP. If you navigate to Toolkits\Report Generation Toolkit for Microsoft Office 1.1.2\Compatibility\Office 2007\vi.lib\addons\_office and read office2007.txt

These 4 libraries contain Office 2007 compatible VIs. _exclsub.llb\_Excel Dynamic VIs.viand _wordsub.llb\_Word Dynamic must be added as support files when building an application or a dynamic link library with the application builder. The Office 2000, XP, and 2003 compatible version of these libraries can be found on the package CD. 

Note: You must use the correct Vis for the deployed version of Office. 

RGT 1.1.3 and after: 

There are no compatibility VIs required. 

When dealing specifically with Word, check Office and RGT Installation: 

The first step to take is look and see if Word will open if you create a program that has only the New and Word as an input. If Word opens, you need to check the visibilty properties. If Word does not open, you should try to determine if the problem is in the Report Generation Toolkit or if it is a problem with Office.

Create a small program that uses ActiveX to manually open Word using the Automation Open.viand a Property Node that sets visibility to true. If this program works properly, the problem is in the Report Generation Toolkit. You should uninstall and Reinstall the toolkit. 

If the program fails to open Word, the problem is with the install of Office. Uninstall and reinstall Office. Before you reinstall, check the system registry and delete all applications of Office such as Word. This should give you a clean install to work with the Report Generation Toolkit.

Additional Information

Please see Report Generation Toolkit Compatibility with Microsoft Office and LabVIEW for more on compatibility between LabVIEW and Office for more info on compatibility between RGT, Microsoft Office versions, and OS versions.