Error -1074118574 Using Remote Sense with Source Measure Units

Updated Feb 28, 2023

Reported In


  • PXIe-4135
  • PXIe-4136
  • PXIe-4137


  • NI-DCPower

Issue Details

I occasionally get the following error on my Source Measure Unit (SMU): 

Error -1074118574: An error has been detected with the sense leads. This error could result from a reversal or incorrect connection of the sense lines. Please verify your hardware configuration.


This error is triggered by the Sense Lead Error Detection  feature of the PXIe-4135, PXIe-4136 and PXIe-4137 when configured to use Remote Sense. This feature is to alert you when there may be an issue with the connection to your DUT. 
  • Verify that the HI/LO and HI SENSE/LO SENSE lines are properly and firmly connected to the SMU and the DUT
  • Measure the voltage across HI & HI SENSE and LO & LO SENSE lines, respectively, to make sure they are not greater that 3 V.
Once narrowing down issue, reset the device to clear the error and confirm you are following SMU Best Practices

Additional Information

If once of these cards detects that the remote sense terminals are connected improperly, it will shut down the output and enter into an error state. Commonly, when this error occurs, the improper connection involves reversing the polarity of the sense terminals, shorting the sense leads together or having a loose connection of the local sense HI or LO.

These cards monitor the voltage differential between HI and HI SENSE and will generate the error if the voltage surpasses the specified maximum of 3 V between the two lines. The voltage differential between LO and LO SENSE is monitored in the same way.