Setting File, Group, and Channel Properties of a TDMS File in LabVIEW

Updated Jan 15, 2021

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  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

  • I would like to format the File, Group, and Channel TDMS properties of my TDMS file. How can I accomplish this?
  • I use the DAQmx Configure Logging (VI) which allows me to add a group name in my file. How can I add other information such as Author and Description?


Most of the default TDMS file properties can be set using the TDMS Set Properties VI. Below are tables that contain the various properties that can by modified in your TDMS file and viewed using a TDMS file view such as Excel.

TDMS File Properties

Table 1: File Properties
 Property Property Name  Data Type
 Root Name None Set as the file name of the TDMS file
 Title  title  String
 Author author String
 Date/Time datetime Time Stamp
 Groups none Set by the # of groups you add to the TDMS file
 Description description String

Group Properties

Table 2: Group Properties
 Property Property Name Data Type
 Group none Group name is set when writing channels to file
 Channels none  Number of channels in group
 Description description String

Channel Properties

Table 3: Channel Properties
 Property Property Name Data Type
 Channel none Set when you write a channel to the file
 Length NI_ChannelLength Is not modifiable by user
 Datatype NI_DataType Is not modifiable by user
 Units unit_string String
 Minimum minimum Numeric
 Maximum maximum Numeric
 Description description String


Additional Information

For other TDMS properties please review the detailed help file for the TDMS Set Properties Function.