Does VeriStand Sample Analog Inputs and Outputs at the Same Time?

Updated Dec 28, 2017

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  • Windows
  • PharLap

Issue Details

I am acquiring data from DAQ hardware in VeriStand, processing it, and then outputting data. I am also exporting a clock in the Chassis Configuration in the System Explorer (e.g. ai/sampleclock). Are the analog inputs and analog outputs sampled at the same time?


Yes. Samples will be taken in the analog inputs and generated in the analog outputs at the same time, but there will be a latency depending on the execution mode selected in the Controller page in the System Explorer.

For more information about this latency, refer to Hardware I/O Latency Times in NI VeriStand.

Additional Information

Using Single Point I/O, samples can only be granted to be taken and generated at the same time if Hardware-Timed Single Point (HWTSP) sampling is enabled. Refer to Synchronizing Hardware and Software for more information.


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