Error 1: Call Instrument.VI in LabVIEW

Updated Oct 22, 2018

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Issue Details

Call returns LabVIEW Error 1: an input parameter is invalid when trying to establish a connection to another VI from the same LabVIEW version. When I go into the block diagram for Call, I see that the error actually occurs in "Convert Type". This VI converts LabVIEW 5 type descriptor and flattened data to LabVIEW 4, or vice-versa.


The Convert Type , which can be found in (LabVIEW directory)\vi.lib\Utility\victl.llb, was designed to allow users to launch and communicate with VIs written in LabVIEW 4 from LabVIEW 5. If you are trying to call a VI written in the same version from which you are working, then Convert Type is not necessary. The conversion will actually cause the Call to fail. 

To eliminate the error, delete both Convert Type Descriptor.vis. Wire the type descriptor and flattened data directly from the input cluster and directly to the outputs cluster. Before you make this modification, be sure to save a copy of Call because it is in vi.lib. Call is an older VI that preceded the current version of VI Server, which became available in LabVIEW 5.1.


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