FlexRIO Error -63036

Updated May 3, 2018

Reported In


  • PXI-7954


  • LabVIEW FPGA Module


  • FlexRIO

Issue Details

I am using a FlexRIO and when I try to run my program, I see error -63036 (below) coming out of a Read/Write Control function.

Error -63036:
The operation could not be completed because the device being accessed was unavailable, either because it was disconnected from the network or because power was removed (e.g., the system went into a low-power state). Close any RIO FPGA sessions; check network, USB, and power connections; power-cycle the device if necessary; and open a new RIO session. 



You can fix this by deleting your Open FPGA Reference VIs on your block diagram and re-adding them, making sure to target the FPGA resource you are trying to use.

If that doesn't work, you can also fix this by changing the Open FPGA Reference VI on your block diagram to Dynamic Mode:
  1. Double-click on the Open FPGA Reference VI, which will open the Configure Open FPGA Reference Dialog Box.
  2. Place a check mark in the box titled Dynamic Mode.
  3. Save your VI and run it again.
​This problem can also occur if the host computer enters sleep mode, invalidating the active sessions in the NI-RIO driver. You can return to operating mode by detecting this error and closing the session and reopening it.

Additional Information

This problem can occur if code is copied from an example or a previous program without re-initializing the Open FPGA Reference VIs. 

If this problem is occurring after the computer is entering sleep mode, you can prevent this error by alerting Windows that the system is in use. This will prevent the system from entering sleep or turning off the display while the application is running. This requires a programmatic call into the Windows API. See the related links section for an MSDN article for further information.


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