NI Upgrade Policy for Run-Time or Deployment Licenses

Updated Aug 25, 2023

Reported In


  • TestStand
  • Vision Development Module
  • Switch Executive
  • Vision Builder for Automated Inspection

Issue Details

I am interested in upgrading my NI software deployment license covering software like TestStand, Switch Executive or Vision Development Module that has been deployed on one or more target machines.  What is NI's policy on software deployment license upgrades, and what is the technical procedure for upgrading the run-time or deployment license on a target machine?


For most run-time or deployment engine licenses, upgrades are free.  Therefore, if you purchase a run-time / deployment license, you will not need to pay additional fees to deploy future versions of the software covered by that license.  This licensing policy encompasses upgrades to all run-time or deployment licenses.  

The technical procedure for upgrading software on a deployment machine is simple:
  1. Create and distribute the deployment or installer package containing the new version of your software to any applicable target machines.
  2. Install the deployment on the target machine. 
  3. Upon completing the installation of the run-time / deployment engine, once you are prompted to activate your run-time / deployment license, use the same serial number provided to you at the time you purchased the separate run-time / deployment license to activate the software.  For assistance locating your serial number, refer to Finding the Serial Number or System Tag of My NI Product or contact NI Support.
  4. Use your upgraded deployment software as normal.

The DIAdem Deployment license, which was introduced in 2022, behaves differently. Here, you can only activate versions avaiable at the purchasing date.

Additional Information

Note that several NI software products require a separate license for the initial deployment of the technology contained in the run-time or deployment engine.  To learn what software products require separate deployment licenses, see Deployment and Debug Licenses for NI Software.