Drivers Required for PXI and PXIe MXI-4 Devices

Updated Oct 31, 2018

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  • PCI-8331
  • PXI-8331
  • PCI-8336
  • PXI-8336

Issue Details

I have a x4 MXI card, such as a PCI-8331 or PCI-8336 or PCIe-8370 through 8374, but cannot find any drivers for this device. What do I need to install for this MXI card to function properly?


There are two elements to the MXI hardware: 

1. PCI-PCI Bridge 

This is the raw functionality of the MXI card and allows the host PC to see the cards in the PXI chassis.  The drivers for these should install automatically from the operating system; however, to enumerate the devices in a connected PXI or PXIe chassis, you will need a compatible version of PXI Platform Services

2. MXI Connection Monitor - Only for 833X PCI Series

The MXI Connection Monitor allows some of the additional functionality associated with the MXI device.  The driver for this installs with NI-VISA so this should be installed with the MXI device. Both of these elements appear separately in Windows Device Manager so if both are present the MXI device is correctly installed. 

If only the PCI bridge is visible and you have an unknown device you probably need to install NI-VISA to add the Connection Manager. For the process of installing the cards please refer to the Installation and Configuration Section of MXI-Express x4 Series User Manual and Specifications.


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