Using DIAdem Wtih SQL Database MDF and LDF Files

Updated Jan 4, 2018

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  • DIAdem Full

Issue Details

  • I'm looking for a DataPlugin that can handle .MDF and .LDF files
  • These files are generated from my Beckhoff PLC
  • Am I able to use DIAdem wih SQL database MDF and LDF files?


Additional Information

  • Searching through current DataPlugins it seems that there are potentially DataPlugins that I can use, such as the MDF3 DataPlugin
  • Although promising the above DataPlugin is most likely referring to a different MDF file
    • The description states "This DataPlugin supports reading / importing of Bosch MDF data files, ETAS INCA® MDF data, and Vector CANape® and other Vector products." which aren't Beckhoff products
    • Also it doesn't mention the LDF file which is used in conjunction with the MDF file


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