Does the LabVIEW SMTP Client Support the Use of SSL/TLS?

Updated Nov 14, 2023

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I’m using the LabVIEW SMTP functions but want to utilize the security benefits of the Secure Sockets Layer or Transport Layer Security protocols (SSL/TLS). Do the LabVIEW SMTP functions support the use of SSL/TLS in their communication?


There are two types of SSL/TLS communication. Implicit SSL/TLS communication (sometimes called SMTPS) is when a client connects directly to a SSL/TLS port and negotiates the connection before sending any SMTP commands. Explicit SSL/TLS communication is when a client makes the initial connection to a server using unencrypted SMTP communication, and then uses another protocol called STARTTLS to upgrade the communication to encrypted SSL/TLS communication. 

LabVIEW’s SMTP client supports explicit SSL/TLS communication. To configure SSL/TLS communication using LabVIEW’s SMTP client, you can enable TLS using the use TLS terminal on the Open and can configure TLS settings using the Config

To authenticate a SMTP server, you will need to provide a CA certificate file as well as specify TRUE for the verify server control.