Lag and Navigation Window Issues While Moving Objects in LabVIEW 2016 and Newer

Updated Nov 2, 2023

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  • LabVIEW Full
  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

  • I have noticed certain changes in appearance to dragging operations. LabVIEW now redraws the screen before I have released the object I am dragging. However, I have also seen a slowdown on some of my machines due to this feature and the Navigation Window does not update when I expect it to. Is there a way, temporarily or permanently, to toggle this feature on and off?
  • I need to disable/enable showing content while dragging objects in LabVIEW. 


A feature was added in LabVIEW 2016 to improve the usability of moving objects on the front panel and block diagram. Users will now see the selection they are dragging update its position in real time. However, this feature can also have a negative impact on editor performance for certain operations, particularly in large VIs. 

Additionally, with this feature enabled in LabVIEW 2016 the Navigation Window will only update when a drag operation has completed. This behavior is being tracked by CAR 599907. 

To temporarily turn the feature off, begin a drag operation and press the x key. To turn the feature off by default, go to the LabVIEW INI file located in C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2016\ and add the token LiveDrag = False. The feature may then be temporarily toggled back on by pressing the x key during a move operation.

Additional Information

Additionally this behavior has been observed in versions of LabVIEW newer than 2016.