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Archived:Supported Data Types For Use with Shared Variable and Web Service While Using Data Dashboard

Updated Apr 18, 2023

NI does not actively maintain this document.

This content provides support for older products and technology, so you may notice outdated links or obsolete information about operating systems or other relevant products.

Reported In


  • Data Dashboard for LabVIEW

Operating System

  • iOS

Issue Details

When I am browsing for Shared Variables or Web Services in Data Dashboard I am unable to see some of my Shared Variables, Web methods, and Web method output terminals. Are there limitations on what data types Data Dashboard supports?


Note: NI is no longer updating Data Dashboard and the Data Dashboard download is no longer available on the App Store nor Google Play. Consider using WebVIs for your LabVIEW-based web application needs.

Data Dashboard 1.0

Data Dashboard 1.0 supports the following Shared Variable data types, Web method request types, and Web method output data types:
Shared Variable Data TypeI8, U8, I16, U16, I32, U32, I64, U64, SGL, DBL, Boolean, and String
Web Method Indicator Data Type    I8, U8, I16, U16, I32, U32, I64, U64, SGL, DBL, Boolean, and String
Web Method Request Types    GET
Web Method Output Type/Format    Terminal/XML


Data Dashboard 2.0

Data Dashboard 2.0 supports the same data types as Data Dashboard 1.0, in addition to the following:
Shared Variable and Web Method ControlsEnum
Shared Variable and Web Method Indicators1D array of supported numeric values, points*, strings; 2D array of supported numeric values, points; Enum
* Each point is a cluster that contains a pair of supported numeric values.

Additional Information

  • If you create a dashboard in Data Dashboard 1.0 that uses I64 or U64 data, the dashboard might not display the full precision for that data when opened and displayed in Data Dashboard 2.0.
  • Data Dashboard will choose to not display items of unsupported cases rather than denying the user to connect completely.
  • In Data Dashboard 2.0 the data type support is described in the App's help:
  1. Click the ? on the left hand side of the toolbar.
  1. Select Help and Support in the bottom right of the overlay.
  1. Select Connect to Data from Dashboards to view supported data types.