Error -363005 with Yasukawa Motor and Encoder with myRIO, ELRIO, or roboRIO

Updated Jan 18, 2018

Reported In


  • myRIO-1900
  • myRIO-1950
  • roboRIO

Issue Details

I am using a Yasukawa motor and encoder with my myRIO, ELRIO, or roboRIO. I have my PWM signal and encoder signal hooked up to a port on my device and occasionally, I will get the following error: 

Error -363005: An invalid transition occurred in the quadrature encoder. Ensure that you have connected the hardware correctly and the encoder is not turning too fast. 

Why is this happening and how do I fix it?


This behavior is a known issue and is documented through CAR ID 520023.
The error only occurs when phase A and phase B change at the same tick in quadrature phase mode.
There are two reasons why this can occur, and they are paired below with their respective solutions in the following table: 
Root CauseSolution
Frequency of the target encoder phase exceeds 20MHzReduce encoder phase frequency to below 20 MHz
Noise on the encoder signalImplement FPGA Digital Debounce Filter

An example program to implement FPGA Digital Debounce Filter can be found here.