Archived:PXI/PCI-8331 Compatibility with Windows 10 64-bit

Updated Feb 2, 2018

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Reported In


  • PCI-8331
  • PXI-8331


  • PXI Platform Services

Operating System

  • Windows

Issue Details

I have been using a Windows XP PC connected to a PXI system with PXI/PCI-8331 with no issues.
I would like to upgrade the same PC to Windows 10 64-bit.

Is PCI-8331 compatible with this operating system?


Compatibility with the PCI-8331 is largely dependent on the motherboard of the PC.
Therefore, if you are using the same hardware PC with upgrading only the operating system, it is expected to work.

However, to use the PXI/PCI-8331 with Windows 10 64-bit, you must have PXI Platform Services 15.0 or greater installed on the PC.

You can find and download your appropriate version of PXI Platform Services

Additional Information

Due to the large amount of motherboard vendors, there is no 100% certainty that the PCI-8331 will operate if you are upgrading to a different PC that has not been tested compatibility with the PXI system.

We have found many Dell models to be compatible with the PCI-8331, but we can not guarantee all models.
New MXIe models are recommended for new applications


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