Channel Swapping on SCXI-1125 When Using Multiple Modules

Updated Jan 2, 2018

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  • SCXI-1125

Issue Details

I have an SCXI system with multiple SCXI-1125 cards and some of the channels on these modules seemed to be swapped. For example, channel 0 is being read instead of channel 1, and vice versa. Why am I seeing this behavior, and how can I fix it?


This may be expected behavior depending on the revision of the card you are using. See the Figure 1 below for specific circumstances of where this would or wouldn't be expected behavior. 

If this expected behavior for your cards and you want to avoid this behavior, follow one of the two work arounds below:
  1. Use the older SCXI module (G or older) as the communicating module for your SCXI system by swapping the modules in the chassis.
  2. Swap the communicating adapter to another slot.


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