Do RMCs Affect Available I/O on sbRIO?

Updated Jan 2, 2018

Reported In


  • sbRIO-9607
  • sbRIO-9627
  • RMC-8352
  • RMC-8355
  • RMC-8353
  • RMC-8354
  • RMC-8350

Issue Details

I am looking at purchasing a RIO Mezzanine Card (RMC) for my sbRIO but I am unsure if it affects the I/O resources that will be available to me on the board.


The RMC does not take away the I/O resources listed in the sbRIO specification document because it has a dedicated place where it plugs into the FPGA. 

Note: Not all sbRIOs have the ability to connect to an RMC. The above information is only relevant to the sbRIOs that have an RMC connector.

Additional Information

You can see this in the sbRIO Block Diagrams displayed on page 1 of the sbRIO User Manuals shown in the Related Links below. You can further confirm this by looking at the RMC Connector Pin List in your specific sbRIO's User Manual.  


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