cRIO PROFIBUS Module Not Showing Up in the Configurator Utility

Updated Dec 22, 2022

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  • NI CompactRIO

Issue Details

I'm trying to configure my PROFIBUS network in the Configurator utility. When I go to the Hardware Selection wizard (Online >> Driver selection…), I do not see the IP address of my CompactRIO (cRIO), even after scanning for PROFIBUS devices. What are possible reasons that my PROFIBUS module is not listed?


The module might not show up for a variety of reasons. Below are possible causes, listed in order of probability and effort:
  1. You only need to download a configuration file to the module if you plan to use it as a master. Therefore, if you are using the PROFIBUS Slave module, or the Master/Slave module as a slave, you do not need to use Configurator. 
  2. The C Series PROFIBUS module needs to be in slot 1 of the cRIO, with slot 2 empty, refer the manual. Please check to see if your cRIO slots are configured correctly.
  3. Confirm that the PROFIBUS module is powered with 24 VDC from a reliable external power supply.
  4. Install NI-VISA to the cRIO, if not already installed. Refer to Getting Started with CompactRIO Hardware and LabVIEW for more information.
  5. Confirm that the version of NI-VISA installed on the cRIO matches the version of NI-VISA installed on the PC.
  6. Make sure the VISA Remote Server is configured as described in Setting Up the CompactRIO PROFIBUS Module.
  7. The Master/Slave module might be in Autoslave mode.
Note: After changing any part (hardware or software) of your setup, click Search cRIO PB Devices in the Hardware Selection window of Configurator in order to refresh the hardware list.