How to Set Multiple Plot Names in the Legend Programmatically

Updated Sep 26, 2018

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Issue Details

I have a chart which is displaying multiple plots. I would like to rename the plots in the plot legend programmatically.
I thought I would be able to do this by using the Plot Name property of the chart but it only changes the name of the first plot, as shown below.

Figure 1. Change the First Plot Name (VI Snippet)

Figure 2. Change the First Plot Name
Is it possible to use the Plot Name property node to name multiple plots?


Yes it is possible to name multiple plots using the Plot Name property, however it must be used in conjunction with the Active Plot property.

Figure 3. Change Multiple Plot Names (VI Snippet)

The Active Plot property effectively specifies the index of the plot which you can change the properties for the specified plot.

Additional Information

Another useful property for such applications is the Legend Number of Rows, this will then auto-size the legend according to the number of plots displayed by the Chart.

Figure 4. Change Multiple Plot Names